Antonio Madeira Santos, born in Lisbon in 1951.

Begins its activity in 1973 in expository Goa Velha, restaurant in Campo de Ourique, Lisbon, with a set of drawings.

Performs training in photography and cinema within the activities of military service, continuing the work autodidact who has been performing since the late '60s.

On 73 interrupts the activity for military service in Guinea-Bissau, inspiring experience that comes with his poems lost and some of their work in the exhibition that held in 1975 in Lisbon SNBA.

At the Cultural Center of Sintra exposes the oil pastel and share your experiences with other visual artists exhibiting together with Tabosa Maria Dias, Pavia, Lourdes de Freitas, Luis Camacho on cultural associations in this county.

In 1977 and 1978, performs moral message policy, together with the painter Mary Tabosa Dias.

Bachelor in architecture at ESBAL-Lisbon ending in 1981, exert activity in research and creation of rules for the installation of public services. Specialist in conservation and rehabilitation activity, remains independent consultant in this area.

Present activity, favors the promotion of historic buildings, intervening with their visual works and lectures that accompany the themes of their exhibitions. For these interventions are invited speakers, experts who contribute with their knowledge to integrate and contextualize society and artistic production. The colloquia Conflicts in Alter do Chao Castle and the Fluxos in the Tower of the Castle Evoramonte.

in their work, often integrates symbolic references, revealing their roots of Portuguese culture, together with concerns of global order.

It conducts a varied production, manifested in plans and spontaneous color frames, which stick to the themes that develops, as if it were an ongoing narrative. Each plane, each shade or color belong to a frame that hides the density of dramatic events. In his work, absences fractures are painful to create an atmosphere of anguish that each lives in his own experience. A good example of this originality is its project to introduce in the environment of a dark room the sound of a conversation with his father fought in 1998, in subtitles projected on four walls in Italino, French, English and Spanish.

Sometimes it is through lack of form that best expresses the anguish of his presence of white space on the screen, example of his monochromes manuals, leaving its mark in digital printing, such as a certificate of authenticity they were.

Sometimes it is through that the absence of form best expresses the anguish of his presence of white space on the screen, example of his monochromes manuals, leaving its mark in digital printing, such as a certificate of authenticity they were.

Sometimes his works seem to dialogue with its references. Also the literature of Italo Calvino and Duras is present in the images that creates the stories hidden in each work he produces, like the colors and features were just your screen, and not just an aesthetic exercise formal.

With the pseudonym Jose Vicente wrote a series of poems dedicated to blue, small unfinished beings and other silences and accompanying gestural experience of the period on the plane of the screen.

The aesthetics are among their concerns, but life is more than the plot, in the solitude of production. Objects isolated, missing part of a whole, but that this guess in a world of shadows, now sometimes symbolic, can translate the anguish of fate that will not come or the anxiety of the past that did not happen.

Solo Exhibition SNBA,Lisboa, 1975

Group Exhibition, Museu de Arte Popular de Lisboa , 1975

Solo Exhibition Palácio Valenças, Sintra, 1977

Group Exhibition, Algueirão, 1977

Solo Exhibition Centro Cultural de Sintra, 1977

Group Exhibition photo , Lisboa – Ambiente e Conservação da Natureza ( 1993 )

The car after a fire, DVD vídeo 11

Group Exhibition, Castelo de Vide, 2001

Group Exhibition, Lisboa, 2004.

The Grandfather, vídeo 03:20.2008

Solo Exhibition ( antologias 1 ) no Palácio do Álamo, Alter do Chão, 2009

Solo Exhibition ( antologias 2 ) na Casa de Cultura de Marvão, 2010

Solo Exhibition ( conflitos ) na Galeria do Castelo de Alter do Chão, 2011

Solo Exhibition ( fluxos ) na Torre do Castelo de Évora Monte

Solo Exhibition ( refúgios ) Galeria Rota do Tempo, Portalegre, 2013

Solo Exhibition ( terroir ) Galeria Municipal de Sintra - Casa Mantero, Sintra, 2015

Solo Exhibition ( Ius Imaginum ) Galeria do Arquivo Histórico Muncipal António Rosa Mendes,Vila Real Sto António, 2015